• Privacy policy

Privacy policy

COCO-HOUSE Co., Ltd.(COCO-HOUSE) uses client’s personal information for the following purposes:

  1. To find a counterparty to the lease and sales/purchase of real estate, to sign contracts (including joint and multiple-guarantor contracts) regarding sales/purchase,
    leasing, brokerage, and maintenance, as well as to provide enforcement of rights, to fulfill obligations and services based on contract and law.
  2. To provide information related sales/purchase, leasing, brokerage, maintenance and research.
  3. To provide implementation of a contract, information and services regarding our business
    (including real estate subdivision for sale, real estate brokerage, maintenance of real estate leases, real estate information network system,
    and contract building work) as well as services provided by our affiliated and associated companies.
    If the client provide his/her personal information to real estate information network system(REINS) for finding a counterparty or
    if the client sign a contract of the real estate which is on REINS, COCO-HOUSE uses client’s personal information for the following.
    1. (1)COCO-HOUSE inform the date of contract, contract price, and other neccecerly information to REINS.
    2. (2)REINS uses property information and contract information (not include name of the seller, buyer, renter and lessee) only for requirement services by law.
      1. <1>Personal information includes name, address, birth date, phone number, information regarding the property and the previous transactions and other
        information as deemed necessary to be provided for each case.
      2. <2>The personal information is provided by letter, telephone, e-mail, internet and/or medium of advertisement.
      3. <3>At any time, we will discontinue providing personal information forthwith requested by the party concerned.
        ※To provide contract information to REINS is required for property agent based on law if it’s an Exclusive Right-to-Sell Listing Agreement or Exclusive Agency Listing Agreement.

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